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Hello Games ? As you all know that pubg is currently running 0.14.5 Version but very soon you are going to get an update of 0.15.0. That update center will give you a lot of great things like You will get a New TDM Map , New Map Of Payload Mode,  And Much More so we are going to talk about the same in this article today.

New Pubg Mobile BRDM-2 Vehicle , Download PUBG MOBILE 0.15.0 BETA NEW PAYLOAD MODE

Gamers you are going to get this mode inside PubG Mobile will be very amazing because it is adding a map inside a new arcade mode called payload mode. With in that turn you will get a helicopter, Get New Vehcial BRDM-2 and Gascan Exploration. If you fire with a gun on it, then what happens is Gascan explodes.  you get a vehicle  BRDM- 2 Using Flare Gun

New Pubg Mobile Gas Explosions


Along with the flare gun you will get one more thing that you will get a helicopter inside the payload mode, you can also climb on top of the helicopter and kill it like your hackers did earlier, but you dont have to take it in classic mode.

PUBG Mobile Update Will Add Helicopters
PUBG Mobile Update Will Add Helicopters

But you will not get that helicopter in classic mode, it will be in payload mode only, but you will also get to see a new freeze feature here, if our player jumps in some place or means that, then by climbing like this legde Grab in pubg mobile


Ledge grab in pubg mobile


You will get to see the new TDM mode inside the game, which is quite amazing, the old TDM mode gets to see a variety of things like Ancient building and the whole game continues around it and In this, you can win the game even by skating, in this you get a lot of good options and TDM mode has been improved.youcan download the beta version and enjoy Download PUBG MOBILE 0.15.0 BETA NEW PAYLOAD MODE

new tdm mode pubg mobile


Guys I would like to tell you one thing here that this is not the official version of Pubg Mobile. This is a beta version of Pubg Mobile. Everything that has come in it is expected that Pubg Mobile can come in the official update soon. No official date has been announced yet, but if you want, you can download this beta version and play the game, within this beta version, you can use your Facebook ID or Twitter ID.


The following must and can play again game inside And if you play next time also in a beta version, then it will run from your new ID which if you have created earlier, if you want more information, then you can understand it by watching this YouTube video and my YouTube channel Gang Of gamers can also subscribe and if you need any help, you can also email us our email id you can find on our YouTube channel Agee and you can enjoyed by downloading this game


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