1.5 Patch Notes Pubg Mobile Update – Ignition Mode (1.5.0 Update BGMI Patch Notes)

1.5 Patch Notes Pubg Mobile Update - Ignition Mode (1.5.0 Update BGMI Patch Notes)

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1.5 Patch Notes Pubg Mobile Update – Ignition Mode (1.5.0 Update BGMI Patch Notes)


Dear Players Look for future technology in the ignition mission Explore the state-of-the-art Tesla factory Fight to victory with new firearms and vehicles Important improvements for a new and fun experience

Big changes for Royale Pass Month! Payless to get more rewards in a faster time!

To give everyone a better gaming experience, PUBG MOBILE will start releasing updates starting from July 9th. The server will not stop working to release this update. This update requires 686 MB  of storage space on Android devices. Requires iOS version 1.64 GB. Please keep in mind that players using different versions cannot team up together, so please update as soon as possible.

Update bonus:

Update to the new version between July 9 and July 16 (UTC + 0) to get: 2888 BP, 100 AG, and our straps backpack (3 days) x1.


New game modes and new experiences

Ignition mission (09/7 – 06/9)

Technology and energy company, DynaHex, has embarked on a long-term technology transformation for Erangel. They would like to use Erangel as an experimental base for their latest scientific research. You can access this game mode through the entrance to the Evoground and experience the new Erangel, transformed thanks to technology. Reminder: Players can get rating points in this game mode.

– New urban areas

Dynamix transformed the six core areas of Erangel according to military defense, energy consumption, transportation, logistics, and advanced scientific research.

Features of 1.5 Patch Notes Pubg Mobile Update – Ignition Mode 

Transportation Center (formerly Pochinki)

Pochinki is the basis of Erangel’s transportation network and is now the transportation hub of the island. A new technologically advanced terminal and supporting transportation system will be established here in Pushinki. Use the new city bus, which can also be used as a moving cover, to get around and get a whole new transportation experience.

Port of Georgopol (formerly Gorgopol)

The advantages of Gorgopol as a logistics port will increase with the introduction of a new central command center and advanced technology logistics warehouse, providing a sophisticated and efficient logistics port.

Technology Center (formerly the school)

This former school district now focuses more on academic research and cutting-edge exploration. The latest scientific research results and advanced technologies will be presented here. In terms of gameplay, there are plenty of corridors and buildings here, as well as many unexpected encounter opportunities.

Security Center (formerly the military base)

The military base is responsible for monitoring the security of the entire island and providing armed support. Monitoring and rapid response facilities for the entire island are located here.

 Logistics Agency (formerly Yasnya Polyana)

The Logistics Agency is located in Yasnya Polyana and will act as a critical distribution center for supplies when players enter Erangel. The supplies transported from the port will be classified, security checked and distributed from here to the different regions of Erangel through scientific and technological methods.

Power Center (formerly Mylta power Power)

This entire Erangel power enterprise has combined traditional energy technology with advanced energy technology to provide a steady supply of energy to the island’s civilian and military buildings.Ignition mission special gameplay systems

Dynamic ElementsElevators, automatic doors and other moving platforms will appear in the upgraded urban area.

Super bus

To make commuting in Erangel more efficient, the Logistics Agency has set up the Erangel Super Bus to connect the different cities on the island. Players can use the Super Bus to move between fixed locations at certain times and take advantage of these features to use more tactics.

1.5 Patch Notes Pubg Mobile (1.5.0 Update BGMI Patch Notes)

Command Center has set up this special transportation tool outside some urban areas and bases to help security personnel fly around and conduct air patrols.

– Unique firearms and accessories in Ignition Mission

– New Firearm: ASM Abakan

The ASM Abakan fires 5.56mm rounds and features three modes of fire: fully automatic, powerful two-shot burst and single-shot. What makes this weapon special is that the first two shots are perfectly accurate and can be fired in quick succession, making this weapon suitable for shooting in a burst mode.

– Ergonomic handle

Grip attachments can greatly improve firearm handling, improve vertical/horizontal recoil control, and increase the speed of return to stabilization after recoil.

Nozzle recoil reducer

This nozzle attachment can reduce lead dispersion and effectively control recoil.

– Ammunition roundabout

All rifles can be equipped with this magazine attachment and it greatly increases magazine capacity for a slightly longer reload time.

– Unique new vehicles on Ignition mission

Anti-gravity motorcycle

The new anti-gravity motorcycle has two seats and can be used to easily move around the map.

– Unique items in Ignition mission

Tactical marking device

This technologically advanced element appears in matches. After it’s equipped, it automatically locates enemies that have been hit, and displays the status of teammates in the minimap when engaged.

Riot Shield

Tap to use a powerful riot shield that can stop all bullets.

– Unique Features in Ignition Mission

– Holographic view of Appearance Island

A holographic display was introduced on Apparition Island, which shows the map and flight path of the current match, as well as the markers placed by the players.

– jump sign

During the flight and jump phases, players can tap directly on the map to place markers. The signs will appear as columns of light, and the name of the destination will be displayed in the air above them.

 automatic jump

A new auto-jump feature has been added that allows players to automatically jump to the specified location after enabling the feature.

-Other new contents in Ignition Mission

– An animation has been added for the missiles to fly before they explode in the air raids to make it easier to know where they will explode.

– The grenade indicator feature has been added to determine the approximate location of the grenades that are about to explode near the players.

Tesla (09/7 – 06/9) – 1.5 Patch Notes Pubg Mobile Update – Ignition Mode 

Erangel’s technological transformation has caught Tesla’s attention. Tesla will build an advanced plant in Erangel to produce classic models of its cars, offering an automated driving experience and more advanced supply transportation. Players will be able to experience exclusive Tesla content in the new game mode, Ignite Mission.

– Tesla’s advanced factory

The advanced Tesla factory will appear on the map. Activate all factory assembly line switches to begin production of the Tesla Model Y vehicle.

Model Y + Autonomous Driving

Self-driving cars produced at Tesla’s state-of-the-art factory have an automated driving mode that can be activated on highways in the map to automatically take players to predetermined locations through highways.

Tesla semi-trailer truck

These self-driving transportation vehicles developed by Tesla will appear randomly on the road and will automatically move along specified paths. Obtain combat supplies by damaging the semi-trailer truck to drop supply crates.

Combat improvements and new firearms

1.5 Patch Notes Pubg Mobile (1.5.0 Update BGMI Patch Notes)

– The new MG3 firearm

The new MG3 light machine gun: This weapon uses 7.62 mm bullets and has a unique firing mode, the rate of fire can be easily changed to 660 or 990 bullets per minute, allowing for rapid and continuous fire.

When used with a two-legged mount, the recoil is greatly reduced when shooting in a prone position. This firearm appears in air supplies only.

Modifications to the M249

Now that the MG3 has been added to the air supply, the M249 will be removed from the air supply and will appear on the ground all over the map in Classic mode instead.


Rate of fire compensation system

A standardized system of firearms with different frame rates has been added to solve the problem of inconsistent fire rates when frame rates are different.


3rd person camera perspective settings

Added an option to adjust the scope of the third-person perspective (TPP) view. The scope of the third-person perspective (TPP) view can be adjusted through the settings. However, this option will only work on some devices with a large field of the view screen.


-New glass windows

Glass has been added to some buildings in Erangel and Miramar.

Glass can be shattered through melee attacks, shooting, or climbing through windows. Windows will make noise when shattered, but glass will not reappear after being shattered.


– Virtual controls logic improvements

Auto pickup will be disabled while the character is using medical bags.

If a melee weapon is picked up while the character is holding the main weapon, the melee weapon will be unlocked by default.

If the character does not have a frying pan, the character will automatically pick up a frying pan and prepare it.

If the firearm runs out of ammunition (this includes spare ammo), and another weapon still has ammunition, the character will automatically switch to using that weapon.

Flare guns that do not contain ammo will not automatically pick up.


– Team Deathmatch – Hangar improvements

The lid near the palace appearance point has been optimized to be approximately the same height as the highest point of the fruit stand.

The size of the mini-map has been improved to make it easier to follow the battle situation.

– Evoground modifications – payload 2.0

We’ll be making more tweaks to Evoground Payload 2.0 to make it better than ever for everyone.

New in-game features -1.5 Patch Notes Pubg Mobile Update – Ignition Mode 

New Speed ​​Wheel

New wheels have been added for throwables and consumables to make it easier to use the throwables/consumables:

Drag the throwables/consumables icon to open the wheel and change or use items.

You can activate the fast cast feature through the settings menu. After activating, press and hold the throwable item’s icon to use the fast throw.

You can activate the casting wheel feature through the settings menu. After activating, pull the wheel and quickly select the desired throwable item for a quick throw.

Throwable consumables

Players can drop their medical bags at close range as parcels. Dropped medical bags can be picked up.

 New Victory Statue

After victory is achieved, you can summon a statue to celebrate:

The winning team’s MVP can summon a Victory Statue at a specific location.

Special festive emoji can be used near the Victory Statue.

 New victory screenshots

After winning the classic mode, you can enter the photo mode.

You can choose to hide or display teammate information in photo mode

You can share photos after taking them.

 New residual ammo indicator

Whenever the ammo store runs out, the color of the number indicating the number of ammo left will change When you have 25% ammo left, the number will turn yellow. When you have 10% of ammo left, the number will turn red.

 View new death shot replay data

When you turn on Death Shot Replay, some general information about the player who killed you will be displayed. In this information, you can see data on accuracy in firefights, this includes how many times the player hit the opponent, and how many times the opponent hit the player. Reporting feature has been added. Death shot replay can be enabled or disabled through settings.

  Custom settings for firearms

Players can customize attachments for each firearm and select different target attachments for different positions. After setting the settings, the character will automatically pick up and equip these accessories when they are found.

 Special firearm sensitivity customizations

Players can configure custom sensitivity settings for each firearm, which will be applied when they use the corresponding firearms.

 New teammate clash notifications

When a teammate is involved in a battle and takes damage, a notification will appear around the teammate’s health bar to indicate that they are in battle.

Other new content

Royale Pass Month A: The Age of Technology(7/14–8/12)

Royale Pass Month B: Project T (8/13–9/13)

– After RP Season 19 ends, the Royale Pass will be changed to Royale Pass Month, and players will get an exclusive welcome gift after accessing it for the first time!

Time Adjustments: The RP period has been adjusted to 1 month, and 2 RPs will be released consecutively in each release. RP M1 and RP M2 will be released in this version.

– Price adjustments: Regular RP price changed to 360 UC and Elite RP price changed to 960 UC (1200 bonus points). Players who get the new RP for the first time can collect vouchers (60-360 UC) and can get a voucher (60-360 UC) for the next RP for free when they reach rank 30 in the current RP.

– Rating downgrade: The maximum rating has been revised to 50 without changing the quality of the rewards. Reach rank 50 to get the Legendary Set, get an Epic Firearm, and set at rank 1.

– Bonus Bonuses: Players can get free bonuses whenever they raise their RP. Reach a high rating to get a voucher (60 UC) for the next season and an additional set for free.

– Mission Adjustments: The duration of RP Challenge missions has been shortened from 8 weeks to 4 weeks, and the playing time required for RP has been reduced at the same time.

– Get RP at the end of the season.

– In the event at the end of Season 19, players can complete missions for a chance to earn bonus points for the following season in advance.

– Participate in the event to activate base starting points, complete missions to get extra chances, and use bonus chances to get random multipliers for bonus points as rewards. Total points that can be obtained in the new season = base starting points x total multipliers of bonus points earned.

Other Mods: The price of the Easy Quests license has been revised, the Royale Pass Month tab and other modifications have been added.

  1. The clan

– Battle of Clans will be introduced, a game mode where clans of the same type and activity level face each other in a battle that lasts for 14 days.

– Clan members can complete Battle of Clans missions to get conflict points and daily base rewards.

– Before the end of the event, the clan with the most base rewards will win the Battle of Clans for the season.

– Valuable rewards can be obtained from clan victory and individual contribution.

  1. Ray has arrived!

Ray has arrived to keep you informed of all the important things. Don’t miss the chance!

  1. New Achievements

– Achieve a new feature: Vision is the best guide (exclusive), which can be obtained by participating in the Ignition mission and fulfilling the achievement requirements from July 6 to September –

– New Achievement: Season Warrior (Exclusive), which can be obtained before September 13th by being present during the Royale Pass Season Transformation.

– New achievement: Perseverance, which can be obtained by participating in the weekly All Talent Championship matches.

New Achievement: Irresistible, which can be obtained by receiving an RP in a match.

– New achievement: Critic, which can be obtained by completing a match and rating a teammate.

Group achievements for “To the Stars” and “Neon Lover” will return for a limited time, and will be permanently removed later.

  1. RP . gift

– New RP feature – the ability to award grades in a match. Players can give credit to teammates at any time during the match, and the appreciation message will be displayed in the chat history.

– Players who have received the grade can get a set number of RP points. RP points come from the system.

  1. Club

Grayscale testing will be conducted in Indonesia in July and in the rest of Southeast Asia in August and September.

– Delegated KPOs can create clubs, and other players can choose a club to join.

– Players can post and like photos, videos and comments in clubs.

– Players can join discussions on different topics and post content there. The contents of a topic can be viewed through the topic details.

Club officials can set up tournaments for fans, and club members can register to participate.

Club officials coordinate the content posted on the club’s external social media.

Game performance and other improvements

  1. Basic performance improvements:

– IBL support and improvements to provide more realistic lighting effects in maps and to better differentiate textures.

– Support for light scattering in the sky, this includes Rayleigh scattering, Mi scattering, light scattering through fog, and other effects, to make the sky more transparent and realistic.

– Support for more intense botanical effects, dynamic clouds, realistic simulation of cloud lighting effects, and the like.

  1. Safe Zone Improvements:

In the new version, we have added more exciting event content and great rewards to the Safe Zone – Video Review. The video review process and overall experience have been improved.

An event screen has been added to make browsing event content easier:

– Recruitment event: exclusive rewards can be obtained for completing a specified number of video reviews.

– Daily review missions: The video reviewer can unlock a range of verification missions and get rewarded.

– Added additional permanent rewards, such as permanent outfits, avatar frames, and the like to encourage and support players to continue fighting cheats and cheats.

  1. Security improvement

– More strategic improvements to target lawn removal cheats, weapon recoil removal cheats, x-ray vision, auto aiming and movement velocity cheats.

– Improved efforts to prevent hacking of various resources.

We continue to strengthen our defenses against various network attacks.

  1. All Talent Tournament Improvements

– Regional rankings have been added

– Newly added regional rankings are independent of all talent tournament rankings.

Players who participate in at least one match each week will be ranked in their region for that week.

– Teams will be ranked in random area rankings after completing the match. District classifications are independent of each other.

– After the Weekly Matches are over each week, players can get Ranking Rewards according to their team’s rank in their region for that week.

– Players can get active match rewards according to the number of matches they play in Weekly Matches every week.

– Weekly match rankings and reward eligibility data is updated every week.

-Added new titles and achievements for the All Talents Championship

  1. Feature improvements

– Global tag improvements

The wheel direction has been slightly modified. The same direction and shape of the sound wheel was preserved.

– Winning Moments improvements

The time players can stay in battle after winning has been adjusted to 60 seconds.

Battle UI adjustments

The shape of the bottom window has been modified for some property buttons. Minor tweaks have been made to the default layout of settings, sound, graffiti and emoji buttons.

Death chest display logic improvements

When players pick up another player’s death chest in a match, after changing the six-square grid layout and the nine-box grid layout, this will be remembered so they don’t have to be swapped again.

– Gyroscope improvements

Players can now customize the sensitivity of the gyroscope when shooting through weapon sights.

Added a switch for the gyroscope reversal application. After activating this setting, the up/down of the gyroscope will be inverted.

-90fps setting is currently available in smooth graphics for some new devices

-Special modifications to adapt to iPhone 12 and some other devices

  1. System improvements:

– Parking lot sign improvements

The sign in the upper right corner of the parking lot can now be passed at different speeds.

– Rewards screen improvements

The screen where you get rewards has been improved. Added button disappearing effect to prevent users from pressing too quickly and accidentally skipping the screen.

– Battle questionnaire

The battle questionnaire has been improved. Players can now rate, select a tag, and provide match feedback to their friends.

– Improved home screen info

– Some players had trouble understanding the team interface in the main screen because it did not display information in an easy way. This has now been fixed.

– Vehicle access and X-suit features have been modified.

– Improve moments

Thumbnail comments and likes for Moments are now shown in detail.

– In-game Likes improvements

When likes are provided at the start of a match or when you win, the team’s like progress and special like effects are displayed.

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